May. 25th, 2011

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God, if I could just pick up everyone on my flist and drop them into GX fandom, I'd do it in a heartbeat. This show, I swear to god, is just so much fun to be a fan of. It's not even that the plot is stellar (which it isn't), or that the characters are amazing (which THEY ARE); it's just that talking about the wacky plot and the fantastic characters is just. It's just so much fun.

Like, I spent about two hours last night rescreening a couple of episodes from my favorite part of season three, and just raving with one of my plurk/RP/GX fandom buddies about them. There were gifs and screams and squeals. It made me feel a lot better after previously having an emo rant earlier in the evening. I mean, first it was the fact that the voice-acting in the subs is about 117% better than in the dubs, and then it was O'Brien's legendary gaydar, and then it was speculation on the nature of the world-building in season three and beyond, and then it was endless screaming upon finding out that the dub had neglected to mention some of the more horror-inducingly awful deeds that Our Protagonist commits in this season, and then. I just. oh my god you guys. I want to share this fandom with everyone in the world ;~~~~~~~~~;

But I know not everything is everyone else's thing, too, you know? Like, I've tried to get into fandoms that others on my flist will spend posts and posts raving about, and just not been interested, even though I want to be. I know it goes both ways. But still. ;;

Have you guys ever had a fandom like that? Where it isn't very popular, or very well-regarded, but it just grabs you in some way, and you want everyone to know about it the way you do?


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