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I have an anecdote from my first summer working at the library.

It was a sunny day, midsummer. A woman walked in, someone I recognized by face as a member of my church. I had no books to shelve, and so struck up a short conversation with her as I checked her books out. I don't remember if I got her name. I don't remember it in any case, as I am notoriously awful with names. If my memory serves, she asked something like what books I had read recently. I told her I had read The Stand, by Stephen King, in all its one-thousand-page-plus glory.

She said, and I will never forget the offhand way in which she said this, as if it were completely normal and non-heinous, "Oh yes, I remember burning that book once."

I flinched as if physically struck. I remember my mouth working for a couple seconds, like a nutcracker with no nuts in it. But, I asked, but why would you burn it?

She gave me a look as if I had asked a childish question. "Well, because it was evil," she said. She took her books, her apparently fine, non-evil books, and left, not in a mood or anything. As if that was a perfectly normal conversation to have.

I felt disquieted and jacked-up for the rest of the day.

When I told a friend about it after my shift was over, explaining it almost in a blank daze, I remember saying, over and over, that it wasn't even that she was a member of my church that disturbed me so much. Nor was it even that it was a book by my then-favorite author. Or the fact that she was denouncing a book in which light triumphs over the forces of ignorance and darkness as "evil."

No, what disturbed me the most was the fact that she seemed so okay with the concept itself. Of burning a book. Any book. She had told me it was at a large book-burning. Like a party. I didn't know they existed in a civilized world.

The only sentence I remember saying word-for-word was a simple one. One I kept repeating to myself, once I had triangulated the purest, most naked form of my disquiet and horror.

"Books are not for burning."

Keeping those five words in mind, my thoughts on the Dove Church's movement for this September 11th should be crystal clear.

But just in case they aren't, have this video:

my night:

Aug. 12th, 2010 01:15 am
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in which I clear out all two of my tags and then refresh two pages alternatingly for three straight hours with no results.

As an aside, my dissatisfaction from the previous post has only intensified: I fucking hate Plurk.

EDIT: ...in which I intend to make a >/ entry about this and go to bed, only to refresh my email one last time for the night and find a tag posted about a minute after this went up. :F
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I FEEL LIKE I HAD SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO POST ABOUT that I have immediately forgotten. :/

I started and finished Dead Beat of the Dresden Files today and am now halfway through Proven Guilty. Oh my gosh, I go through these books like candy. So delicious and addicting *w*

OH I REMEMBER IT WAS ABOUT HOW MUCH PLURK PISSES ME OFF. Well, um. That's it in a nutshell. Plurk pisses me off. :/

...the end.


Jul. 19th, 2010 12:50 am
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oh man and I was just so happy from the last post.


MangaToshokan took down most of their manga, too. Including PokeSpe. Meaning my recaps will either have to continue without any pictures until I run out of manga volumes (and considering the pace at which Viz is bringing them over, that might take years), or be put on hold until I can find the damn stuff online somewhere else again.

I. I hate this. This is stupid and it sucks. I am buying this manga. I am not pirating it from the internets. I am probably quite selfish for making this statement, but I will make it anyway: why am I being punished for following the rules? For god's sake, I have Volume 8 on PRE-ORDER! /cries quietly

EDIT: It seems Onemanga still has up to Chapter 103 up (I thought those got taken down but I guess not - probably because they don't have the full series, it was overlooked). Better than nothing.

EDIT WHILE EDITING: Aaaaand, I found a new site. Hopefully this one will last us.
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I have to start automatically calling RP hiatuses when I go home for periods of time shorter than a week. I never get on the computer when I'm spending limited amounts of time with my family. Especially around holidays.

Easter was nice. Especially nice when I evolved my Eevee into an Umbreon after three straight days of grinding, grooming, and pampering. rofl that's probably some sort of blasphemy or something.

HNNNNGH to-do list:

~Aphra Behn Paper: due April 9
~Human Voice Project: due April 21
~History test: April 21, for which I have to do nine long chapters of reading FML FML

I'm still better off than I was at this time last semester, though, so that is something to look at as an accomplishment :U

I'm also sooo behind in RP, |D. In XI, I just kind of hover around the fringe, but I think I have some tag left hanging from last week still. :/ feeling kind of bad about that, but I know I'm not going to do it tonight, my brain's not in the right shape. Maybe I should hiatus there for a week, get my head on straight.

I'd like to curl up under a rock and not come out until May 8, please. D|
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Things I Conceivably Could Have Been Doing Last Night:
~Working on my Aphra Behn paper for Brit Po (she was in the textbook! SO EXCITED)
~Researching the click tribes of the Kalahari Desert for Human Voice
~Studying history
~Studying for Human Voice test on Monday
~Studying for kanji test on Monday
~Tagging everyone
~Working on my Ruby app
~Working on my Silver app
~Writing fanfiction
~Contributing to society

Things I Did Last Night:
~Read Pokemon Special

...wow, I am a super duper human being, huh.
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Midterms: over.

Writing center app: aaaaaah

Morale: Good so far. Ish. Mostly worried about getting that gd transcript in time, going to registrar around 6 --ohshi just checked and they closed at 4:30 fml. Maybe they will be able to copy my transcript quickly and easily tomorrow? shiiiiiiiit.


well at least I am going to a nice dinner with my floor tonight ^^

Also, I've decided to clean out my icons and redo them all! BUT that will be happening after this weekend because it will probably take several hours. HEADS-UP TO ANYONE WHO GETS EMAILS WHEN I CHANGE ICONS: BETTER UNDO THAT OR YOU WILL BE SWAMPED |D I only mention this because I know Jade does it.


Mar. 9th, 2010 01:37 pm
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Rejected from being an RA.

Also, I looked back at the guidelines for applying at the Writing Center, and I have to send in two essays as writing samples from two different classes. Problem: I can only send one essay from my Tragedies class, and I have only written two other papers for two other classes last semester, and they were both terrible. It'll have to be the CORE Japan one, because the sociology paper was just so bad I don't want to think about it. But the CORE Japan one has charts. Will they accept it if it has charts? /worried

And I have to get a copy of my official transcript. I don't know where to get it! Looks like tonight will be another "running around like a complete derp" night. SIGH. It's due by 5 pm on Thursday and the materials all have to be printed out andd sealed in an envelope. I also have no envelope. And I have to study for my History midterm tomorrow.


Naruto 484

Feb. 24th, 2010 08:54 pm
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Okay, let's do this thing. /headband on

I actually didn't read the spoilers, so MY SURPRISE IS NOT FEIGNED O: )

We were so cloooooooooooooooose.


Feb. 20th, 2010 11:57 pm
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I saw two movies tonight.

Percy Jackson... )


The Princess and the Frog... )

So yeah.


Feb. 11th, 2010 04:31 pm
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Dear Roommate,

Febreze is not an air freshener. It is a fabric cleaning chemical. Please do not spray it into the air. It does not make the air smell nice. It makes my mouth taste bad, and occasionally, it makes me feel dizzy.

And then you open the window and let the cold air in. Dear roommate. Go to hell.



Feb. 4th, 2010 01:42 pm
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Okay, I resolved a few months ago to be the Happy Fandom Corner. And I will do it if it kills me. I will read chapter 481 without curling up into a ball and crying. I will do this with the help of digital tequila shots. \~/

in which I am completely incoherent I don't even )


Nov. 29th, 2009 07:47 pm
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I have another virus. Some sort of worm that seems to be hanging out in my Drivers folder and messing with me every time I have the Internet open. I have major, major, major projects due in the next three weeks, and this decides to happen. I am now convinced something hates me. Also, I'm reasonably sure it was the result of a five-minute trek to deviantArt, once again. God, I need to just block the goddamn site.


So I might not be around as often for the next week or so while I try to fix this and get all kinds of shit done.

/throws everything
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Good idea: hanging out with friends on a Saturday night, eating sushi and generally derping around.

Bad idea: watching The Ring on a night when sleep is important to look one's best for a performance the next day.


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So, usually when I get my period, I have some bad cramps and often minor digestive issues for the first couple days, and then I'm okay.

Today, I can't even walk without severe discomfort and/or pain.

My cramps are so bad that all the joints in my legs hurt, my back feels like I tried to lift something heavy, and the pills, they do nothing.

And you know what, that wouldn't be so bad by itself. I've had severe cramping before.

But either I caught a bug that just happened to coincide with my menstrual cycle, or my hormones are trying to dissolve all my organs, because to put it this way, I have been on and off the toilet for twenty minutes at a time for the past three hours.

I skipped my Sociology class. I am in the middle of missing the second-to-last rehearsal before our chorus concert (:C), and I plan to miss the two-hour martial arts training session, because I literally cannot walk more than twenty steps before having to run to a bathroom or just collapse with pain.

This is the worst day ever.
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So yeah, keep forgetting to make diet posts (which isn't really a problem for you guys, but I SAID I WOULD DO IT AND THEN I DIDN'T DO IT ;__;), what a surprise.

Also, why does my period never fail to begin on the day that it would be the most inconvenient for me??? We're going to have an awesome two-hour cross-training session in aikido tonight with the karate and tae kwon do students, and I was super looking forward to it, and now I'm not going to get much out of it because I will be in too much pain to properly concentrate. :F stupid farking masrkgrksjkfjdalvnlas

And today was supposed to be the best day ever! My morning class was canceled so I got to sleep in, and I'm going to get a bunch of people to go see New Moon with me (they're probably going to get drunk first, but whatever, I just want snark buddies because snarking by yourself is NO FUN).

nnnnnnnnnngh fail
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Lately, I have been an incredible bitch to everyone I interact with...but only in my head. Like, I'm nice to people, but I don't know, everything gets on my nerves more easily, especially RL people. So I bitch at everything internally, but that makes me feel guilty, so I try to be more nice externally so no one figures out that I am, in fact, an incredible bitch. It might just be PMS, and I'm hoping it won't last. I don't like being a bitch. :C

I also have started having anxiety dreams where I go home for Thanksgiving and my family is passive-aggressive and disgusted because I gained weight, and they make snide comments at dinner. Or some dreams, I don't get dinner, and I have to run sprints outside while everyone else eats pie. It should be noted that in those dreams, I am the same size I am now; it's my current weight that they are mocking.

To cheer me up, let's do a meme! Say "salad fingers," and I'll ask you five questions blah blah blah.

[livejournal.com profile] angelis_ignis gave me...

derp derp derp )


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