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Man, I have been neglecting this journal. HI GUYS REMEMBER ME?

In addition to constantly being on Plurk, I now have a new timesink to in which to flush the remaining days of my waning youth: I now have a Tumblr, which I mostly made to more efficiently follow the roughly 20 Yu-Gi-Oh! tumblrs that I've been checking manually every day.

So yeah, I've given up pretending that it's a phase, and openly admitted that YGO's my new fandom. Probably be spamming it for a long time, I guess. I don't know how these things happen. :V


In RL: bleeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrgh my life is so boringly boring. Almost got an internship but not quite (don't feel like rehashing the story), so now my summer will probably consist of working at a summer camp and trying to write more original fiction and begin amassing a portfolio. Anything but Offset again.

Finals in one week and then I get to do the summer thing \o/
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Well, that was the most disappointing spring break ever. No RL friends, no movies I wanted to see (until Limitless came in on Friday, but then I was busy with family and couldn't go /rage), and no downloading all those subbed episodes of GX because the site went down five days before I could get home to my limit-free wireless (/RAGE).

On the plus side, I got to walk my dog four miles every day. And before you think that's my sarcasm talking, no, I actually took her that far on purpose, just to get out of my house. D'|

also, I counted up my GX icons and they outnumber my Star Driver icons. OH FFFUUUU I WAS GONNA CATCH UP ON STAR DRIVER THIS WEEK AND I NEVER DID DAMMIT.

But the week was not without nice things, I suppose, as I did get a lot of sleep and I beat Pokemon White (*o*) and I made a new friend (Welcome to my flist, [livejournal.com profile] aphotic!), and I got a haircut. My hair needed it.

...rereading this and wow, my life is boring.
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I miss college. I am reaching the point where I am starting to wonder if the whole thing wasn't just a very detailed, lengthy lucid dream I had. The nightmare I had last week is weighing heavily on my mind. I hate this job. Not even the work itself is the worst, though it is awful - no, what I hate is what I feel I am losing. Creativity. Drive. Days of life. This is my last year as a "teenager," and I have barely seen the sun so far. You start to realize how people can spend thirty-five years working this shit job in this shit place, and that's because you get so tired, so worn, so hurt, that it's easier to sit and stay than to get up and run and never come back.

I want to go out somewhere. I want to do all the stupid, ill-advised things I've spent my entire life being too sensible to do. I want to laugh and run and hope and reach out and grasp the stars in my fist. When Sean and I were dating the winter of my junior year, he promised me that he'd show me how to break into the middle school and climb onto the roof once summer came. We broke up in February and that never happened, obviously. I wish it had happened. I wish I could just get out. Eight months away at school and I'd managed to forget how stifling this town is, how stunted your dreams become because of the size of the planter they're grown in. It's worse because I feel like I caught a whiff, a taste of the Big Wide Open World, before coming back here and chaining myself to this job.

I'm quitting after the first week in August. I'm squeezing a summer into those three weeks thereafter, and then I go back to school. I'm not stuck here. I'm not going to be working at Offset forever. But it feels like I am. Deep in my heart, it feels like the past six-seven weeks have been a lifetime, and I've got another lifetime ahead before it's done. I can't imagine what it's like not to have an escape route. When you're little, and your parents say that education will open doors, you don't realize what they mean because you've never gotten a glimpse of what it's like to be stuck behind when the doors shut. I've seen it. It scares the fucking shit out of me. I try to commiserate with my mom, but she has little sympathy for me. I can't honestly blame her. I've had a great life. I'm not going to be throwing bundles for thirty-five years. I know all this. But there's knowing and then there's feeling, and right now, I feel a nameless terror at the sight of adulthood, nearing and leering ever closer to me. My feet ache. My shoulders ache. My head aches. My heart aches. I can barely write anymore.

At this point, I don't even give a shit about the money. I want out. I want out.
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So yeah, I've been home since Thursday night. I'm glad to be home. I don't have ridiculous amounts of work to do (or really any amount at all 8D), and I can sit around while my sisters do their schoolwork. Mostly, I've been doing nothing but walking my dog, playing Jak 3 again, sleeping (a lot), and RPing. Especially RPing.

XI's been fantastic lately. I don't know why I'm having so much fun playing probably the most depressing of all my muses, but I just am. I love the community. Everyone's totally chill, and the only rule seems to be IF IT'S AWESOME, DO IT. <3 I'm thinking about apping Yellow there next app period.

Sorry I haven't really been posting lately, I guess. I've just been stalking my RPGs for tags and being kind of boring, so there's not been much to actually post about.

Oh yeah, and I should probably write those drabble requests XD

lazy post

Nov. 18th, 2009 02:59 pm
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Little Kuriboh's latest Naruto parody had me, quite literally, crying with laughter. And now my stomach hurts. I think what did it was Sasuke's short monologue: "I live such a tormented existence. Marred by being exceptionally gorgeous and popular with girls. No one could possibly understand the depth of my torment. Torment and girls. Girls with their breasts. They torment me so." I love how, without knowing anything about the show, somehow, he hit Sasuke on the head.

Sorry I've been so weird about posting lately. Either I'm too lazy to write much of anything or I get all wangsty and disable comments or whatever. Speaking of, I have to write up yesterday's diet status post. Maybe I'll group it with tonight's. Whatever.

...Still lazy.


Oct. 28th, 2009 06:13 pm
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I finished all the Pokemon Special chapters that were up on OneManga and Mangafox, and I crave mooooooore... Does anyone know where I can find scans from 348 onwards?

Relatedly, I attempted to poke around the Pit for some good Silver/Blue or Ruby/Sapphire fanfiction, which went about as well as you'd imagine. Any of my fellow Pokenerds know where to find good work?
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I donated blood today!  \o/  Aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm really tired and unfocusy.  :|  Maybe I'll have some fun with my woozy brain and try to watch some sort of trippy movie.  I've been meaning to watch the second Shippuuden movie, Kizuna, come to think of it....

Speaking of, still lolling over episode 115.  I flailed about it at [profile] capslocky_joy  already, but still.  Yogurt.  Man, that's some great crack.  aaaaaaaand shipping them in 5, 4, 3....

It's been great RP'ing lately.  :D  Especially now that I can attend chats.

I'm considering a totally new batch of icons, but I keep putting it off because sob I love the ones I have right now.  MAYBE IF I GOT A PAID ACCOUNT FOR MY BIRTHDAY...


Re: Naruto chapter 459, :|  :|  :|  I was all set to like it and be excited about the events that happened in it and the lovely color pages and Sasuke and la la la when OUT OF THE SKY!  IT'S A BIRD!  IT'S A PLANE!  NO!  IT'S....GENDERFAIL!!!!!!!!   *cries self to sleep*

Working on some new fanmixes.  :D  BTW, should I be putting them under friendlocks so the RIAA doesn't come set me on fire?
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So I'm supposed to be writing several Creative Writing stories that I am way behind on, in addition to doing that term paper that is due A WEEK FROM TOMORROW, but I was instead thinking about frivolous things. So I felt like sharing.

Ill-organized thinkythoughts on the Sannin and Sasuke )
I love it when people's words are thrown right back in their faces in that way.  Love it.  It's a trope that I adore.

Tangent on tropes, Disney movies, and pseudo-father/son relationships )

And....wow.  Okay.  Nothing...much more to talk about here.  I'm...going to go do some work or something.  *sidles out*
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I should be doing some sort of homework.  Barring that, I could at least be working on my christmas requests.

Instead, I've been lost in TVtropes and obsessively refreshing my e-mail for the past hour and a half.

...There are days when I kind of hate myself.
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I just put Sasuke on reserve at a new RPG ([livejournal.com profile] thedollsyhouse ).


I kind of hate myself right now.

*needs to work on app*
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I want to write and can't focus.

I want to RP and no one's on.

I should probably do some constructive things, but just don't have the energy.

This is the mixed blessing of a snow day.
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....Why have I never discovered wrestling before?

Short story short, I promised [livejournal.com profile] abrof  and [livejournal.com profile] chocomarauder  I'd come to one of their wrestling matches one of these days, this became the day, and I think I lost my voice from screaming.  I was so pumped!  Watching wrestling is awesome!  (I kind of ended up mostly watching the guys' rear ends, but let's not throw stones at the newbie, shall we?  *sweat*)  I kind of want to, like, break stuff or something, I'm so jacked up right now.

Or I would be, except my little sister's out getting X-rays of her elbows.  They might be fractured; she fell on them really hard at her basketball game, and she's in a lot of pain.  DDDDDD:  Keep her in your thoughts/prayers/Satanic rituals tonight, plz?  (Maybe not so much the last one.)

Haven't been posting much due to chronic laziness, addiction to RP, etc.  Actually, I've been meaning to dork out about RP for a while, so here:tl;dr I spend too much of my life RPing, don't look at me )
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DIET IS GONE.  BYE BYE, DIET!!!  I just ate about forty pounds of sushi, salmon, ham, and shrimp in the past two hours.

To make up for being lazy tight-lipped about my life the past two days, have... AN ACCOUNT OF MY ENTIRE DAY!




blogging! )

foooooooooooooooood )


Okay.  Only one of them is written as of 8:14 pm here.  I had planned to have them up by noon tomorrow.  If I can't get them all written tonight, here's the plan.  One will go up per day for the next twelve days (BECAUSE MAGICALLY I HAVE TWELVE REQUESTS, WOOT), and we'll do them up like a "Twelve Days of Christmas" deal.  It'll be cute.  T_T  PLEASE FORGIVE MY FAIL.

Oh!  [livejournal.com profile] feilyn !  MERRY CHRISTMAS IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!  *hugglomps*
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Good day!  I ate a lot of chicken for some reason.  And I had an Orange Julius when I was out malling for Christmas presents.  But then I was a good girl.

*sigh*  I have ten more requestfics to write, but they're going to have to be put on hold while I bang out a shit-tastic rough term paper draft, which life has been kind enough to delay three times for me, and I still haven't written the goddamn thing.  My willpower is nonexistent, I'm a lazyass, and I would rather sit around in my pajamas playing Baldur's Gate than do something for a major AP grade.  I, just, I'm so disgusted with myself right now, I can barely speak.

And I have to also finish that short story for Creative Writing.  Frack.

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I finished my latest short story for Creative Writing!  It's called Breathing by Proxy, and it's about a future in which rich people that don't want to get drafted have themselves illegally cloned so the clones can fight for them.  It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it, but I'm hoping some advice from my teacher can help me clean up the slow patches.

I should be working on my request fics, but...I think I'll go play Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn instead.  (SASUKE HATES VAMPIRES SO MUCH RIGHT NOW, ARRGH BODHI)

[/dorkface post]


I caved.

Nov. 26th, 2008 04:07 pm
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I went and got a Facebook.  Mostly for colleging and stuff.

So, if you want me to add you, ping me.  (Bella, I think it took my Yahoo!Mail and added you, so that crazy girl with no avatar as of yet who added you?  That's me.  Oh god, you know my name. (:P))
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List of things that are Making Me Happy:

--Midnight showing of Twilight movie next week, and possibly sleeping over at a friend's house.  ON A SCHOOL NIGHT, REBELREBEL~

--Bleach chapter this week.  I CALLED IT, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

--I gave blood today for the first time!  It turned me into a Hungry Ravening She-Beast, but also made me feel very good about myself.  btw, 12 minutes to fill the bag, who has a better time?

--Creative Writing



List of things that are Stressing Me Out:

--Essay due Monday for AP English

--Story due late next week for Creative Writing

--Persuasive Speech due Monday for speech class (OH HAHAH I JUST REMEMBERED I ALSO NEED VISUAL AIDS, OHGODOHGOD)

--Parents cracking down on no interwebz in room, keeping anime from keeping me happy


--College apps.  I just sent mine off to Colgate, my dream school.  If I'm rejected, ohshit.  If I'm accepted, it's one of the most expensive private colleges in the Northeast, translation: OHSHIT.

--By extension, scholarship apps, aka moar spiritual self-prostitution.

--My school, which has been in the national fracking news for a giant scandal involving cell phones OH HAHA NOW YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE.  (SKANKSVILLE, THAT IS) Also, everyone is being a giant collective asshead about it, making everybody else's lives hard, everyone else being me.


--Trying not to eat out my stress and gain weight back, plzplzplz self.

Ratio, happiness to stress: 3 to 5. 

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My day so far:

Decided not to go to travel team softball practice so I could sleep in for another hour and a half.  
Blew nose 4,383,748,590 times because of damn cold. 
Got up and ate breakfast.  Went to computer and did nothing for two three hours in my jammies.
Regretted not going to softball practice because no one is home and I inexplicably want to socialize.
Looked in fridge for food and found like 4 bars of cream cheese.  Wondered why family needs so much cream cheese when we don't even eat bagels.
Wished for a bagel.
Did not get bagel.
Was sad.
Smelled leftover pizza in outside fridge but found none.  Was worried because I could still smell it and it was making me hungry.
Spent ten minutes barking at dog when dog barked, just to feel like I was having a conversation.
Am now angsting on LiveJournal.

I am such.  A.  Loser.

I think I will scrounge for food (no pizza!  Where did it go?  I know there was some!  I'M NOT CRAZY!), and go do something productive like light things on fire burn the cardboard trash.  Something moderately productive and requiring movement.


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