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I don't think I've ever tried to do this kind of thing before, so no time like the present. I want your TWEWY recs, flist! Rec me authors, individual fics, fanartists, whoever! I AM BURNING UP WITH INTENSITY IN THIS FANDOM RIGHT NOW. I'm probably going to end up writing all kinds of shit in this fandom, I can already tell. Not since Naruto has a fandom actually compelled me to descend into the Pit to sift for gold down there. IT'S SERIOUS.

In exchange, here are some fics I found myself:

Chapters, by Azalee: ooohhhh my god, this fic. Okay. I am a sucker for "video game novelization" fanfictions, especially when they're really good and they incorporate elements of gameplay mechanics into the real world without seeming clunky or obvious. But I found this in the TV Tropes fic recs section (yeah, I know, right) and I was like, "yeah, okay" when I read the summary.

Basically, this fic is not a novelization of the game itself, but of the post-game. This fic details Neku's feelings upon discovering the "Chapters" app in his phone and being forced to relive his previous Games. And if you are rolling your eyes, going "cool Peggy Sue, bro," that's exactly what I did.

BUT NO. IT'S AMAZING. IT IS MAGICAL. IT IS. SO. INCREDIBLE. The prose is gorgeous; my suspension of disbelief was maintained despite me going in with a severe case of e____e; and most importantly, Neku is just absolutely heartbreaking. I was in tears at several points: most notably at the end of Shiki's Week, day 2 (you know the one ;m;). His interactions with everyone, especially Shiki and Joshua, are HEARTWRENCHING, because he can't do anything different from the way it happened, so all the emotional tension effectively arises from Neku's internal monologue as he sees himself the way he used to be. Ugh, god, I told myself I wouldn't write walls of effusive praise about this fic and I did. Dang it.

Best Seller, by Umi no Kanshisha: It's just silly crack, nothing heavy. The author's got a lot of one-shots ranging from cute to dramatic, they're nice for a quick pick-me-up. I sound like I'm recommending diners, jeez.

Other than some miscellaneous okayish oneshots, I don't have anything else to offer. THAT'S WHERE YOU GUYS COME IN. REC ME SHIT. REC ME ALL THE THINGS.

EDIT: Also, this fic by [livejournal.com profile] kay_willow is, of course, absofantasmarvelazing, as are all her magnificent works. Focuses on possible Joshua backstory, and it's so good I might have to import it directly into my headcanon.

Also also, apparently Tycho of Penny Arcade fame really loved this game back in '08:

"I really feel as though The World Ends With You has bored out my consciousness, widened it, that I might have room to store the concepts it presents. It's made me a kind of host organism for its glory, and in the proud tradition of host organisms I'm here to pass on my writhing payload." lmao I love this guy's absurd prose. /wipes away a single tear of joy. He adds, "There isn't time here to talk about the game's bizarre yet deeply groovy approach to two screen combat, or its sparkling, gloom-banishing soundtrack, or its omnipresent supernatural art. it's a game you can attempt to contain linguistically, but in the end you just sort of gesture toward the closest games retailer. I don't mean to be such a discount swami, but the game itself argues a very strong case." YES.
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oh my god this game

this game

this game

So I beat The World Ends With You today.

I can feel my inner emo urges rising! )

This game changed my life and that is why I am leaving the internet forever by the way.

just kidding, you know I could never leave you. ;3;
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I have to flail some more about The World Ends with You, oh my god this game seriously.

i guarantee you everything I say has already been said years ago BUT WHATEVER )
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So I finished Shiki's week in The World Ends with You:

joshua why you gotta be such a ho gawd )
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Remember that time I read the game script to The World Ends With You? Yeah, well, during a large shopping excursion Friday night which I forgot to write about, I finally managed to turn up a used copy in a mall in Syracuse after scouring game shops for months.

I. Am. Addicted. To this game. To the point where I am plotting RP journals already.

...This is bad.

Speaking of RP journals, I'm considering making my own musebox for my abandoned journals so I can derp around without any commitment and invite others to derp with me. Thoughts?
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So, I did something I've been meaning to do for a very long time: I finally read the game script to The World Ends With You.  (I did the same thing with Chain of Memories--I don't own a DS, and I fricking wanted to play both games solely for the plot)

*s-sob*  What a beautiful game.  What an uplifting story.  And the sheer number of mind-fracking plot twists was just glorious.  Now I wish I'd played it for real, just to get those revelations in real-time.

Things I Liked:

spoilers )

Also: "The proof is in the pudding.  The pudding...of their DOOM."  fffffffffffff

Must read promotional manga now~

EDIT: Choice bits from the manga:

total dorkery )


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