Mar. 20th, 2010 12:12 am
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SO HI GUYS. I have been away forever due to hanging out with RL friends and playing the shit out of SoulSilver, so let's have some small updates.

Naruto chapter: I feel like I am letting my flist down by actually kind of enjoying this chapter and not having foaming rage. :/

probably because I ran out of digital tequila two chapters ago )

now I know why they call it Soul Silver! because it consumes your soul )

And also, have that Final Boss Meme that has been traversing my flist.
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Lately, I have been an incredible bitch to everyone I interact with...but only in my head. Like, I'm nice to people, but I don't know, everything gets on my nerves more easily, especially RL people. So I bitch at everything internally, but that makes me feel guilty, so I try to be more nice externally so no one figures out that I am, in fact, an incredible bitch. It might just be PMS, and I'm hoping it won't last. I don't like being a bitch. :C

I also have started having anxiety dreams where I go home for Thanksgiving and my family is passive-aggressive and disgusted because I gained weight, and they make snide comments at dinner. Or some dreams, I don't get dinner, and I have to run sprints outside while everyone else eats pie. It should be noted that in those dreams, I am the same size I am now; it's my current weight that they are mocking.

To cheer me up, let's do a meme! Say "salad fingers," and I'll ask you five questions blah blah blah.

[ profile] angelis_ignis gave me...

derp derp derp )
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I think I'll just make a random babbly post again! YAAAAAAAAY

I woke up too late this morning to eat breakfast before my CORE Japan class, which is supposed to be about culture and stuff but is actually an econ course in disguise THANKS PROFESSOR KATO >O all the other CORE Japan classes are reading The Tale of Genji and talking about bushido and the Heian period while I am looking at charts s-sob TT__TT So I ate an orange after class let out, which was around 9:45, but it was a little green and now my tummy hurts for some reason. :C YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD BE MUCH MORE EMO ABOUT TODAY, BUT I'VE BEEN SURPRISINGLY MELLOW ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Which is funny, considering all the entries around both my senior and junior years of high school at this time are full of WANGST and EMUUUUU and general fail whining. Perhaps my vow about a month ago to not let anything Masashi Kishimoto does bother me anymore has broadened and expanded to all walks of life? I HAVE ACHIEVED ZEN THROUGH CRAPPY MANGA 8D and capslock, too.

Polanskigate is full of fail, but other people have expressed their rage far better than I ever could. My problem is, I can at times be extremely eloquent, and at other times be extremely angry, but I can rarely be extremely eloquent while I'm angry. D| So either I look like some cold dispassionate person who doesn't really care, or a SPITTING FOAMING BALL OF RAAAAABIES. I can't win. I also feel kind of awkward and bad because this whole stupid story came out a day after I started writing that huge M-rated fic mentioned in an earlier post, and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable writing it because like I don't know, it's just weird to be really angry about Polanski and then write something involving dark themes that are similar and I feel kind of bad about it. But at the same time, I haven't written this much this fast, a long time. WHY DO I FAIL AT BEING A NORMAL HUMAN BEEEEING SOB *forks self in head* fine, I'm going to hell, whatever.

I wanna get a DS and play 358/2 Daysssss~~ Kingdom Hearts, I miss you. ;_; (Is there a Riku portion of the game? Is there? Please? *WANTS*)

It's so cold here nowadays. D| It also has rained on/off nonstop for FIVE DAYS. graaaaah upstate New York D| D| D|

/fails to conclude post in a snappy, concise manner
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Two full days left of this.

I honestly have never looked better in winter. I always gain huge amounts of weight around this time of year, due to school stress (which unfailingly ramps up as teachers begin to assign big projects for no discernible reason), seasonal depression, lack of exercise particularly since I quit basketball a couple of years ago, and the overabundance of FOOOOOOOOOD.

But this is something I chose to do, my jeans fit most lovely on me today, and I feel great about myself right now.  :D

In Christmas news, I have a small request to make of the marvelous [ profile] redbrunja :

Do you remember this post?  You posted a Naruto fanmix, and the songs you picked all looked really intriguing and cool as I went through your music archives looting plundering stealing making use of the lovely links you left.  Unfortunately, all the links in that post are dead, and I was...wondering... if you could get them to me?  *pleading face* 

Term paper is now due after break.  I would enjoy this a lot more if it weren't because my teacher's very elderly mother is in bad shape, and the reason it kept getting put off was because he kept leaving to take care of her, and now she has apparently taken a turn for the worse.  D:  I feel awful for being so glad for my own skin, when I should have had it done by now in the first place.


Mike (homecoming date, just-friends Mike) bought me an Urahara hat for Christmas!!!  :DDD  I wore it all day, because like magic, it was "Pay a Dollar to Wear a Hat in School Day" (MOSH fundraiser), so eeeeeeee it looked so cool.  And [ profile] chocomarauder got me a lovely purple scarf with tinsel threads woven into it.  *snuggles*  I love it.


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