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Okay, so I don't really watch iCarly on a regular basis.  But I do tend to enjoy it when I see it.

They premiered a new one-hour special just now, entitled "iDate a Bad Boy."  And I enjoyed it...until the primary conflict surfaced, namely that Carly's newfound "bad boy" (who wasn't even all that bad) collected "Pee-Wee Plushies" (or something equivalent to Beanie Babies).

And that was a BAD THING.

None of his characterization changed, just he was suddenly undesirable because he did something that was UnManly.  He was still as hot (the main thing that made him desirable in the first place), still as artistic, his dialogue was still as amusing...but Carly could no longer stand him because he collected cute things.  She even bought him a power drill, and reacted with disgust when he said he'd use it to make display shelves for his collection of cute things.  This was played for laughs.  And when he confronted her after overhearing her make fun of him behind his back, and asked her to give him a straight answer about breaking up, she zoned out imagining his cuddle buddies (or whatever they were) talking around his head.  He had to say, "You know what, this isn't working," and walk out, because it was obvious she wasn't respecting him.  He looked upset.  And it was presented as the desirable end to the conflict.  She didn't even care.

I, I don't know why I care so much, but that made me so very upset.  Carly's usually a good, sympathetic character.  I don't even know why they would present such an awful message like this.

Just perpetuate the double standard, Nickelodeon.  Go right ahead.

(P.S. SPENCER WAS ALSO AMAZINGLY AWESOME.  I only wish some of his best scenes ever weren't wasted on this upsetting special.)


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