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Man, I have been neglecting this journal. HI GUYS REMEMBER ME?

In addition to constantly being on Plurk, I now have a new timesink to in which to flush the remaining days of my waning youth: I now have a Tumblr, which I mostly made to more efficiently follow the roughly 20 Yu-Gi-Oh! tumblrs that I've been checking manually every day.

So yeah, I've given up pretending that it's a phase, and openly admitted that YGO's my new fandom. Probably be spamming it for a long time, I guess. I don't know how these things happen. :V


In RL: bleeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrgh my life is so boringly boring. Almost got an internship but not quite (don't feel like rehashing the story), so now my summer will probably consist of working at a summer camp and trying to write more original fiction and begin amassing a portfolio. Anything but Offset again.

Finals in one week and then I get to do the summer thing \o/

man idek

Sep. 27th, 2010 11:47 pm
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I feel like I am somehow DEPRIVING YOU GUYS OF GOSSIP ABOUT MY LIFE, but really, not much of what's been going on has been LJ-write-about-worthy. That's not to say I'm bored (if I were, I would certainly be complaining about it online) or unhappy - on the contrary, things are going great! But, like, nothing so specific that I can point to it and be like THIS IS A THING THAT IS GOING GREAT.

Small things:
~I can extract WinRAR files now! :D
~RP is amazing
~...bleh. Idek. Not much to say.
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I FEEL LIKE I HAD SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO POST ABOUT that I have immediately forgotten. :/

I started and finished Dead Beat of the Dresden Files today and am now halfway through Proven Guilty. Oh my gosh, I go through these books like candy. So delicious and addicting *w*

OH I REMEMBER IT WAS ABOUT HOW MUCH PLURK PISSES ME OFF. Well, um. That's it in a nutshell. Plurk pisses me off. :/

...the end.
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First it was a parody.

Then it was a deconstruction.

Then it was a subversion of a parody.

Then it was a parody of a deconstruction.

Then it was a deconstruction of a parody of a subversion of a deconstruction.

In short, it was a mindfuck.

Though I usually dislike R-rated comedies, because they tend to pander to a certain set of people's expectations, this defied everything I had expected to see. I recommend it, though be prepared to feel awkward at least once.

EDIT: I realized the way I worded everything was really vague, so to clarify: I really liked this movie. C:

Naruto 493

May. 7th, 2010 12:28 am
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Too braintired to go page by page so you're just getting stream of consciousness.

one final left \o/ )
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rofl so I keep meaning to study for my midterms, but then I get distracted by RP.


I am also way behind on that thirty-day meme, but my bandwidth has been wackystrange lately and sometimes doesn't let me embed shit and THAT'S NO FUN FOR ANYONE D8

Talk to me?


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