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I just finished Turn Coat, so one more book and I'll be caught up on all the full-length novels. (Anyone know where I might be able to acquire/read the short stories online?)

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I FEEL LIKE I HAD SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO POST ABOUT that I have immediately forgotten. :/

I started and finished Dead Beat of the Dresden Files today and am now halfway through Proven Guilty. Oh my gosh, I go through these books like candy. So delicious and addicting *w*

OH I REMEMBER IT WAS ABOUT HOW MUCH PLURK PISSES ME OFF. Well, um. That's it in a nutshell. Plurk pisses me off. :/

...the end.
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I have been reading The Dresden Files like a madwoman lately (we print them at work! THE SINGLE THING THAT HAS MADE MY JOB BEARABLE), so I thought I'd share some thoughts and squee!

Spoilers up through Book 6, Blood Rites )


One week left in purgatory.
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I just walked my dog three miles for no reason! \o/ Don't worry, she needed the exercise.

Stole this meme from [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja:

When you see this message, post your favorite quote from three of your currently-airing fandoms.

"It wasn't me who was wrong. It was the world!"

"True beauty lies in the heart! The heart that's capable of love! You have to realize this, before the entire world is destroyed at your hands!" ;~~~~~~~;

Nightmare: "I shall rip out thy heart!"
Harry Dresden: "It's thine heart."

Hmm. I'm noticing a trend of things that sound outrageously ridiculous and stupidly epic. Oh well, I already knew I liked that anyway. ;D Guess the non-Harry-Dresden ones and win a prize of feeling good about yourself.

Nnngh. While my headache is better today, RP has been a mixed bag for me lately.

Good, bad, and headache-inducing. )

There are more but I am tired. nnh. Anyway. Off to go see Iron Man 2, catch you all later~


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