Mar. 3rd, 2010 04:56 pm
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This is my second consecutive week reading without spoilers! AAAH.

the great UNKNOWN )

Honestly, not sure how I feel yet. Talk to me in a couple of hours.
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The Karin-bashing over at [ profile] capslock_naruto is really upsetting me. Like, really upsetting me.

Actual quote: "Karin, shut up. You get to talk when you do something."

Excuse me? Excuse me??? For your goddamned information, Karin has been doing something: Her job. Karin is a sensory-type ninja. It's her job to find Danzou. It's her job to then communicate Danzou's location to Sasuke so he can kill him and they can get the frack out of Dodge. Why in god's name would she jump into the fray when physical combat isn't her specialty? And even if it was, what the hell would Karin accomplish by getting distracted by fighting when she's supposed to be tracking Danzou? I'm willing to bet that a male character wouldn't be getting this kind of flak from the fanbase.

You know who hasn't done anything in two chapters? Suigetsu. You know whose specialty is combat, and yet who hasn't won a fight in...a very long time? Suigetsu. You know who isn't getting bashed at all? Take a wild guess.

(Not that I want Suigetsu to get bashed. I love him. But the obvious misogyny is killing me.)

Someone spam me with sexy fanarts to make me feel better.
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I donated blood today!  \o/  Aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm really tired and unfocusy.  :|  Maybe I'll have some fun with my woozy brain and try to watch some sort of trippy movie.  I've been meaning to watch the second Shippuuden movie, Kizuna, come to think of it....

Speaking of, still lolling over episode 115.  I flailed about it at [profile] capslocky_joy  already, but still.  Yogurt.  Man, that's some great crack.  aaaaaaaand shipping them in 5, 4, 3....

It's been great RP'ing lately.  :D  Especially now that I can attend chats.

I'm considering a totally new batch of icons, but I keep putting it off because sob I love the ones I have right now.  MAYBE IF I GOT A PAID ACCOUNT FOR MY BIRTHDAY...


Re: Naruto chapter 459, :|  :|  :|  I was all set to like it and be excited about the events that happened in it and the lovely color pages and Sasuke and la la la when OUT OF THE SKY!  IT'S A BIRD!  IT'S A PLANE!  NO!  IT'S....GENDERFAIL!!!!!!!!   *cries self to sleep*

Working on some new fanmixes.  :D  BTW, should I be putting them under friendlocks so the RIAA doesn't come set me on fire?


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