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The Karin-bashing over at [livejournal.com profile] capslock_naruto is really upsetting me. Like, really upsetting me.

Actual quote: "Karin, shut up. You get to talk when you do something."

Excuse me? Excuse me??? For your goddamned information, Karin has been doing something: Her job. Karin is a sensory-type ninja. It's her job to find Danzou. It's her job to then communicate Danzou's location to Sasuke so he can kill him and they can get the frack out of Dodge. Why in god's name would she jump into the fray when physical combat isn't her specialty? And even if it was, what the hell would Karin accomplish by getting distracted by fighting when she's supposed to be tracking Danzou? I'm willing to bet that a male character wouldn't be getting this kind of flak from the fanbase.

You know who hasn't done anything in two chapters? Suigetsu. You know whose specialty is combat, and yet who hasn't won a fight in...a very long time? Suigetsu. You know who isn't getting bashed at all? Take a wild guess.

(Not that I want Suigetsu to get bashed. I love him. But the obvious misogyny is killing me.)

Someone spam me with sexy fanarts to make me feel better.


Sep. 4th, 2009 11:55 pm
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I wish people would quit puking in my hall.

Especially the people that come over from the substance-free dorm to party here and then vomit on everything and leave. This is the third time.

*completely over this*
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Okay, so I don't really watch iCarly on a regular basis.  But I do tend to enjoy it when I see it.

They premiered a new one-hour special just now, entitled "iDate a Bad Boy."  And I enjoyed it...until the primary conflict surfaced, namely that Carly's newfound "bad boy" (who wasn't even all that bad) collected "Pee-Wee Plushies" (or something equivalent to Beanie Babies).

And that was a BAD THING.

None of his characterization changed, just he was suddenly undesirable because he did something that was UnManly.  He was still as hot (the main thing that made him desirable in the first place), still as artistic, his dialogue was still as amusing...but Carly could no longer stand him because he collected cute things.  She even bought him a power drill, and reacted with disgust when he said he'd use it to make display shelves for his collection of cute things.  This was played for laughs.  And when he confronted her after overhearing her make fun of him behind his back, and asked her to give him a straight answer about breaking up, she zoned out imagining his cuddle buddies (or whatever they were) talking around his head.  He had to say, "You know what, this isn't working," and walk out, because it was obvious she wasn't respecting him.  He looked upset.  And it was presented as the desirable end to the conflict.  She didn't even care.

I, I don't know why I care so much, but that made me so very upset.  Carly's usually a good, sympathetic character.  I don't even know why they would present such an awful message like this.

Just perpetuate the double standard, Nickelodeon.  Go right ahead.

(P.S. SPENCER WAS ALSO AMAZINGLY AWESOME.  I only wish some of his best scenes ever weren't wasted on this upsetting special.)
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Who on God's green earth is [livejournal.com profile] xypusl ?  For the past couple of months, this user keeps friending me, without a word, and then defriending me, and then refriending me a couple weeks later.  And I looked at the journal, and it's just freaking weird.  I don't think she's a real person.  I just don't know.

I'm freaking out about this.
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Upon purchasing Volumes 34-41 of the newly speed-released Naruto manga here in good old Eagleland, I was beautifully excited.

But that changed.  Because of censorship.


I was going to separate a section of this post out for lulzy, faily, and confusing translations, but I think I'll make a separate post, since this one is already really full of violent anger.


Feb. 13th, 2009 04:42 pm
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I was not allowed by my mom to skip on my Senior Skip Day.  So I was a loser and had no friends all day.

Then I did crappy on a Physics test.

Then my balloon car got thrown out by the janitors, so no extra credit.  Which, yanno, could have helped with that test.

Then I had a diet bar for lunch.  Yum.

Then I had the ending of And Then There Were None spoiled for me while I was reading it.

Then I got my period four days early, ruining one perfectly good set of underwear and putting me in a shitload of pain.  I get cramps so bad that my ankles ache.

Just, I hate everything right now.

The only good things about today were playing pickleball (a fusion of tennis and pingpong) in gym and reading the week's manga chapters.  ULQUIORRA IS THE MOTHERFRACKING BATMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN~~~~~
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My mother.

After I go and get that Facebook she SO DESPERATELY wanted me to get, she has now invoked Parental Clause Epsilon, which apparently states, "If your  child belongs to any social networking site, no matter if it's safe or not, no matter if YOU MADE THEM DO IT or not, that AUTOMATICALLY CONFERS UPON YOU THE RIGHT TO GO THROUGH THEIR GODDAMN EMAIL AND WATCH EVERYTHING ANYONE EVER WRITES ON THEIR WALL OR WHATEVER.  AND THE RIGHT TO MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT HER FRIENDS."

My anger has left me speechless, otherwise I'd be voiceposting so you can hear my seething rage.

Also, apparently it is a BAD THING to have internet friends.  Because every single person on the interwebz is a CREEPER.  YES, THEY FAKED ALL THEIR SPEECH PATTERNS AND OTHER RL/INTERNET FRIENDS AND THOSE PHOTOS OF THEM AT CONS.  THEY ARE ALL CREEPERS.  YOU STUPID CHILD.

[/inarticulate ire]

EDIT: Also, Happy Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for this livejournal and all my wonderful creeper Internet friends.  You guys pick me up when I'm down, and make me glad to have the interwebz.  ILU all. <3
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List of things that are Making Me Happy:

--Midnight showing of Twilight movie next week, and possibly sleeping over at a friend's house.  ON A SCHOOL NIGHT, REBELREBEL~

--Bleach chapter this week.  I CALLED IT, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

--I gave blood today for the first time!  It turned me into a Hungry Ravening She-Beast, but also made me feel very good about myself.  btw, 12 minutes to fill the bag, who has a better time?

--Creative Writing



List of things that are Stressing Me Out:

--Essay due Monday for AP English

--Story due late next week for Creative Writing

--Persuasive Speech due Monday for speech class (OH HAHAH I JUST REMEMBERED I ALSO NEED VISUAL AIDS, OHGODOHGOD)

--Parents cracking down on no interwebz in room, keeping anime from keeping me happy


--College apps.  I just sent mine off to Colgate, my dream school.  If I'm rejected, ohshit.  If I'm accepted, it's one of the most expensive private colleges in the Northeast, translation: OHSHIT.

--By extension, scholarship apps, aka moar spiritual self-prostitution.

--My school, which has been in the national fracking news for a giant scandal involving cell phones OH HAHA NOW YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE.  (SKANKSVILLE, THAT IS) Also, everyone is being a giant collective asshead about it, making everybody else's lives hard, everyone else being me.


--Trying not to eat out my stress and gain weight back, plzplzplz self.

Ratio, happiness to stress: 3 to 5. 

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Which, of course, is why I'm very happy that the Jazz Dinner is over and the chorus won't ever have to sing jazz again....hopefully.

Augh, I want to play Dirge of Cerberus sooooooooooo badlyyyyyyyyyy....  I started playing and, umm...

TL;DR: I'm not very good.  By the way, I love how Vincent cannot speak without growling.  It's quite smexy.

Volume 22 of Bleach is supposed to come by UPS to me soon, and I'm getting ticked off.  I ordered from Barnes and Noble online instead of Borders/Amazon, which usually delivers in two to three days.  With BN, it's been four days now, and tomorrow is Sunday, which means I'm looking at Monday to be when I get it.  Mama Random isn't happy.  Mama Random wants her volume full of Ichigo-angst, and she wants it NOW.  LIKE YESTERDAY NOW.




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