A Fun Day!

Aug. 2nd, 2009 11:07 pm
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Hung around Penn State for most of the day with [livejournal.com profile] jaderhade , which was awesome!  Except I wore bad shoes, so my feet were blistered and hurty by the end of the day. D:   But they have the most glorious used bookstore ever, and I bought a used book on language in context and a new copy of House of Leaves, which I really really have wanted to read ever since I saw [personal profile] the_sun_is_up 's entries about it. Psychological horror is my favorite.

Diet is...starting, anyway.  I just have to get past the hunger pangs of the first week's portion control, and then my stomach shrinks and I'm set.  I've done this before.

A meme I forgot!  Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] tafkae :

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.

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DIET IS GONE.  BYE BYE, DIET!!!  I just ate about forty pounds of sushi, salmon, ham, and shrimp in the past two hours.

To make up for being lazy tight-lipped about my life the past two days, have... AN ACCOUNT OF MY ENTIRE DAY!




blogging! )

foooooooooooooooood )


Okay.  Only one of them is written as of 8:14 pm here.  I had planned to have them up by noon tomorrow.  If I can't get them all written tonight, here's the plan.  One will go up per day for the next twelve days (BECAUSE MAGICALLY I HAVE TWELVE REQUESTS, WOOT), and we'll do them up like a "Twelve Days of Christmas" deal.  It'll be cute.  T_T  PLEASE FORGIVE MY FAIL.

Oh!  [livejournal.com profile] feilyn !  MERRY CHRISTMAS IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!  *hugglomps*
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Tomorrow's the last day.

Considering how many cookies I ate today, I probably need to do this for another six weeks, but I don't care because I feel so good about myself still.

Augh, there is so much to be said about my day today, but I will honestly pass out if I remain awake any longer, so I'll have to report in on the tomorrow.

To my Eastern Hemisphere buddies, for whom it is Christmas Eve already, have a lovely holiday and may you receive an abundance of joy and family and sugar.

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Two full days left of this.

I honestly have never looked better in winter. I always gain huge amounts of weight around this time of year, due to school stress (which unfailingly ramps up as teachers begin to assign big projects for no discernible reason), seasonal depression, lack of exercise particularly since I quit basketball a couple of years ago, and the overabundance of FOOOOOOOOOD.

But this is something I chose to do, my jeans fit most lovely on me today, and I feel great about myself right now.  :D

In Christmas news, I have a small request to make of the marvelous [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja :

Do you remember this post?  You posted a Naruto fanmix, and the songs you picked all looked really intriguing and cool as I went through your music archives looting plundering stealing making use of the lovely links you left.  Unfortunately, all the links in that post are dead, and I was...wondering... if you could get them to me?  *pleading face* 

Term paper is now due after break.  I would enjoy this a lot more if it weren't because my teacher's very elderly mother is in bad shape, and the reason it kept getting put off was because he kept leaving to take care of her, and now she has apparently taken a turn for the worse.  D:  I feel awful for being so glad for my own skin, when I should have had it done by now in the first place.


Mike (homecoming date, just-friends Mike) bought me an Urahara hat for Christmas!!!  :DDD  I wore it all day, because like magic, it was "Pay a Dollar to Wear a Hat in School Day" (MOSH fundraiser), so eeeeeeee it looked so cool.  And [livejournal.com profile] chocomarauder got me a lovely purple scarf with tinsel threads woven into it.  *snuggles*  I love it.
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Good day!  I ate a lot of chicken for some reason.  And I had an Orange Julius when I was out malling for Christmas presents.  But then I was a good girl.

*sigh*  I have ten more requestfics to write, but they're going to have to be put on hold while I bang out a shit-tastic rough term paper draft, which life has been kind enough to delay three times for me, and I still haven't written the goddamn thing.  My willpower is nonexistent, I'm a lazyass, and I would rather sit around in my pajamas playing Baldur's Gate than do something for a major AP grade.  I, just, I'm so disgusted with myself right now, I can barely speak.

And I have to also finish that short story for Creative Writing.  Frack.

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Ugh, I'm so dead right now.  I forgot to post last night because I was busy crackshipping in RPland, and now it's late and I just got home from my uncle's and aunt's house in [state withheld].

Major awesomeness on the diet front--I overate a little today because my aunt is some sort of Cooking Jedi and her food is good enough to make a grown man cry, but overall I've lost about 6-7 pounds in teh past two weeks.  Which, come to think of it, represents the weight I gained.  I BROKE EVEN!!!  *dances, sobs with joy*

I would have so much more to say, but I honestly can't even stay up.  Peace out.  Christmas shopping tomorrow!  Yeah, I'm cutting it close.
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We just had our Christmas Concert!  Finally, I can rest in chorus class--or not, since Districts are less than a month away.  AIEEEEEEE

Snow is supposed to whack us tomorrow.  Either we'll have a preemptive snow day, or get out early from school, but we're supposed to get, like, 4-5 inches.  Yay!

My jeans feel looser!  :DDDDD  I've lost about two pounds in the past two-three days just from sickness and general malaise.  I ate a whole ton today, though, but I feel I deserved it.  I'll be right back on the wagon today, don't worry--and in any case, it was healthy food that I needed, since I've been eating so little over being sick.

I could write more, but stuff needs to get done here, so I shall leave you!  If I'm on at odd hours tomorrow, it means that the wonderful joy of snow has delivered me from the hellish purgatory of school.
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Still.  Sick.  It isn't like normal sick--it's just this incessant pain in my stomach and abdomen that doesn't go away unless I lie down and lay very very still.  And I get slightly light headed and feel twice as bad right after I eat..  When I eat.

I have eaten very little today.  If there is one good thing to be said, it is that my diet is going well.

I didn't finish that rough draft last night, but I managed to squeak by in class without needing it, thanks to a 2-hour delay and some distractions.  Better luck tonight, hopefully.

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In good news, I have eaten probably fewer than 1000 calories today.

In bad news, I feel like crap and I'm sick.  Suffice to say, it's an eight-letter word beginning with "d" and ending with shits.

In worse news, I have a term paper to write tonight after my English teacher whom I once loved totally copped out on helping everyone with their outlines and such and I have no idea where to begin and I have learned nothing.

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There was a dance last night.  I'm sorry.


I am so behind on my RP tags. *guiltguilt*  I should be doing that now, but I'm catching up on Shippuuden instead.  SHIKAMARU, I LOVE YOU, WE SHOULD GET TOGETHER AND HAVE SMART-PEOPLE BABIES THAT WILL RULE EARTH.

Oh, and now mother dear is mandating I finish that Villanova app.  Shit.  I don't know why the hell I'm doing this.
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In other news, diet.

Breakfast: 200
Lunch: around 500
Dinner: between 800-1000

We went out to a nice restaurant for dinner (we do this every year around Christmastime...we call it the "[My last name] Family Extravaganza."
 We're lame.)  and I had the most fantastic food.  Tilapia (fish: omega-3 fatty acids, what?), spinach (I love spinach.  I must have been a failure as a child.), and some mashed taters.  Hee hee, taters.

And then I had three bites of my parents' vanilla cheesecake, and it was the...most...indescribably gorgeously delicious thing that I have ever had the privilege to experience.  It was like....no.  I have no words.  If I had to describe it, I would say that it was like a vanilla-flavored Team Hawk orgy on my tongue.  With Itachi and Anko dropping in just to be polite.  THAT.  GOOD.

Played Kingdom Hearts at [livejournal.com profile] chocomarauder 's house today.  I forgot how much I loved that game.  Then I had a giant guilt spasm over my cheating ways.  (My Brain: "RIKUUUUU!!!  TAKE ME BACK!!!  I NEVER LOVED THAT SASUKE GUY, BABY, IT WAS ALL YOU!  I'LL NEVER STRAY AGAIN!  BABYLOVE OF MY HEART, PLEASE GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE WAAAAH~" et cetera)

...I need to stop playing Baldur's Gate and start working on my Christmas requests.  (but we just beat Spellhold!  Aww....)
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I'm so sorry, you guys!  I was unable to go Interwebzing for the past couple of days, and so you have missed out on many awesome things that happened, like:

-Attending the awesome Christmas party for jaderhade's martial arts studio
-Me playing Baldur's Gate II practically non-stop (WRY HALO THAR, CS2 SLAYER!  HOW NICE TO MEET YOU!)
-perhaps not as many awesome things happened as I thought

I couldn't possibly be expected to remember everything I ate, so I'll just say that I did very well on the snow day, not so much yesterday (SO.  MUCH.  PARTY FOOD.)  However, I did just get home from a grueling pitching session with this sadistic lady, so perhaps that cancels it out?  *worryworry*  I still haven't given up!  NEVER GIVE UP!  THE POWER OF MY YOUTH WILL CARRY ME THROUGH!

...Now I have nothing to say.  DAMMIT!
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One week, you guys!  :D :D :D

Breakfast: 250
Lunch: roughly 500-600
Dinner: about 500 would be my guess.

So...about 1300.  Probably a little more than that.  I hate not having exact estimates.

So.  Avatar cast.  As much as I love Jasper Hale's actor, and think that at least his facial shape is good for Sokka, it bothered me a lot that both he and Katara's actor (the softest, frailest, whitest-looking female I have ever seen, and that displeases me) were lily white.  For, like, two characters that should be more Inuit-colored.  At least.  Please.


Jesse McCartney.

I admit it.  I AM HAPPY.  Lolling my ass off, but happy.

But not many other people are, and I can see why, so I think I will sit down and keep my mouth mostly shut on this one.
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I have eaten so much citrus fruit in the past week and a half that my digestive system is detoxing.

I'm sure you all wanted to hear that.  Welcome to the magical world of Truthful Diet Blogging.

IN NON-POOP RELATED NEWS--no, wait, I'm sorry.  "Poop" is just a funny word.  Poop.  I feel like a hyper six-year-old again, though that could be the sleep-deprivation talking.  Poop.  THAT'S THE LAST TIME, I SWEAR.

I felt really good about today's Calculus test!  :D

And...boring day.  I walked around like a zombie, deprived of sleep.  D:

DISTRICT MUSIC.  IT IS INSANE.  GAAAAH.  *weeps, wails, gnashes teeth*  There's this one fugue we're doing, from, like, 1767, and IT IS THE MOST DEPRESSING SONG EVER.  AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LEARN.  WAAIIIIIII?????

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Breakfast: 210
Lunch: 450
Dinner & Miscellaneous: 180 + 20 + 170 + roughly 400 = 1430, give or take a hundred.

Much better day today--dieting is easier when I'm not sitting around at home, with nothing to do but wander around and think about food.

I have a Calculus test tomorrow.  D:  Wish me luck--I will need it.  I seem to be getting worse at it as the year porgresses, which is fail.

My first college app should be coming back soon!  :D  It's not the one from my dream school, but it is an app, and I want to get accepted.  Cross your fingers!

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My dad's deer came in today!  Omfg, we have a gazillion steaks, and kielbasa, and these fantastic sausage-type venison sticks.  Oh, I love venison.  Love it.  Omn.  So I ate about seven of those stupid venison sticks, which apparently are high sodium.  >:[  Otherwise, I did well.  Cereal, salad, chicken, and some pretzels.  And cheese.  And a Rice Krispie Treat.

Otherwise, boring day aside from the last day of the Christmas Show.  I did my Villanova app today.  I don't even want to go there, hadn't even ever really considered it, but my mom somehow just decided I was to apply there.  Immediately.  So.

My Baldur's Gate addiction continues.  I'm half-considering a whole bunch of short Naruto/BGII crossovery-type drabbles, just for some lulz.  But I need to do my Xmas requests first.  (Butbutbut but Sasuke/Viconia is such a ludicrously amusing ship to contemplate.

Going to bed now, kthx.
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For those of you who commented on the last entry, all she did was enforce the "no internet in room" rule, and I was enough of a moron to get caught.  It was mostly my fault but I felt spiteful and vindictive.  So.  And all I have to say is, if the worst rebellion I can think of is to use the Internet in my room, it's pretty sad.

Anyway. Yesterday was kind of a disaster at the last second, diet-wise.  I was up to about 750 after lunch, couldn't eat dinner due to library Christmas show, but we threw a small get-together after the show and my sister's basketball game with friends, and there was pizza.  And beer bread and dips.  At ten o'clock.  I was starving and binged.  Crap.  I don't think I could possibly have eaten more than a thousand calories, though, so I'm sure I'm not, you know, crashed.  I'll just have to do better today.

Anyway!  My day!  I went around Christmas in Our Hometown (a kind of dorky small town thing) with a friend (the one who took me to Homecoming, actually).  We went into the one shop, and there was this old guy playing Christmas songs on the piano.  On a whim, I walked over and started singing along.  It was like in the cheesy movies, when the herione suddenly bursts into son and everyone stops to listen.  It was the coolest thing ever.  At the end, the old guy was like, "You're hired!  Here's my card."  I still have the card.

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So, due to many factors, I was unable to post yesterday's status report yesterday.  D:  Sorry for teh fail.

Breakfast: Cap'n Crunch, roughly 150 cals
Lunch: Turkey sammich, orange -- probably about 300-400 cals
Din-Din: Diet bar, one serving of XXX Vitamin Water -- 260 cals.

Look good?  Think again.  We threw a party in WOrld History for our departing student teacher, at which I consumed about 600 calories. bringing me up to about 1450-1500 calories.  So, it ended up not being disastrous, thank god, because I stuck with it and made myself stick to a light dinner and lunch.  Never give up on a diet for a weak moment!  This I have learned.  It is not always lost.

The party:  Oh, man, was this fun.  See, our class (about nine, ten people) forgot we were supposed to organize the party.  We came in, and went, "OSHIT."  SO... Our teacher let some of us leave class, walk up to the grocery store, and buy food.  Yeah.  I didn't go, since it was like thirty degrees out and I had no monies other than the two dollars I needed for diet dinner goodness (D:).  So instead, I stayed in the room with most of the other girls and read Onemanga for the Bleach and Naruto updates.

The boys returned with two bags of chips, soda, and a frozen cake.  (Haha)  Wacky day.

Tonight's update comes tonight.
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Calorie tally: roughly 1500.

Breakfast: Cheerios.
Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad, orange, milk.
Dinner: 180-cal Powerbar, large Arizona iced tea, and a salad with chicken on it when I got home.

I did pretty well today--I did splurge and eat about twenty french fries when I went with two friends to the McDonald's (I had already eaten the powerbar, and wasn't hungry.  Well, wasn't going to eat), but comparatively, that wasn't all that bad.  I also went to the dress rehearsal for our Library Christmas show--I'm part of a student octet singing "Sleep," by composer Eric Whitacre.  We're so going to kick butt over the weekend, next to the Barbershop Choir and the chorale filled with old people.

I finally got to have a voice lesson with this woman who comes in to train with the college-bound singers.  She immediately told me what I feared she'd say, and knew she'd say: my breath control sucks.  Which it does, so now I can motivate my lazy-ass self to work on it, since I'm paying fifteen bucks a lesson.  I'm doing this for District Chorus, so I can hold on to my first(!!!!!!) place.

Don't click this: emo afoot. )
tl;dr My mom is filled with Christmas cheer, and also a side helping of batshit insanity.

Day 0 of 21

Dec. 3rd, 2008 08:49 pm
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After stepping on the scale and finding out that I regained seven of the thirteen pounds I lost over the summer, I am going on a three-week diet initiative, starting tomorrow.  Fewer than 1700 calories per day, more fruits, and attempts to exercise 3 days a week.

It's not that I think I'm fat well, I do, but I always have and I've gotten used to it; it's that these are pounds symptomatic of my patented emotional stress eating.  And that pisses me off.  Also, they would not be staying on if I were able to keep up with my weight-lifting schedule (now impossible, because of chorus schedule and looming midterms).  So.

This will also give me an excuse to post every day about RL stuff, too.  We can try this for a while and see if it works.


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