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You remember how much I was bawling back in Stage 14 of Season 1?  You remember that?

That was like a single teardrop compared to the three buckets of sobbing that I did.


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*bawls eyes out*

EDIT:  This prompts me to compare Lelouch to Light Yagami, for the obvious parallels and lulz!

Lelouch > Light in...

~Dramahoring (Forget potato chips, man, this guy makes everything dramatic)
~Looks (Okay, so he has Gary Stu purple eyes, but come on.  Look at them.  Or rather, don't, as it's dangerous.)
~Big Brother-ing (Light's title of Big Brother Character was long ago revoked by me because he is such a douchebag to his family)
~Chess (I firmly believe Lelouch would pwn Light at chess)
~Popularity with Da Ladies (Light's is more of an Informed Ability; Lelouch has had at least three girls lusting after him at the same time at one point.  And he doesn't treat them like shit)
~Hair (This should go under looks, but deserves its own category, unf)
~Charisma (Zero >>>> Kira)
~Morals (...for now.)
~Rightousness of Cause (At least Lelouch has a Cause, Mister I-Wanna-Be-God-For-The-Lulz)
~Person Who Grants Him Ability (Don't get me wrong, I love Ryuk, but C.C. is AWESOME.)
~Dramatic Sexy Voice (I never ever ever ever ever ever thought I'd say this, but Jun Fukuyama is giving Mamoru Miyano a run for his money.  Final judgement on that score will come when/if I get to hear Fukuyama do a Maniacal Laugh, as Mamo pwns at that.)
~Making Random Cry (Never cried at Death Note, as they were mostly gasps and OMGs.  As for Code Geass...)
~Romanticism (Being British Britannian may help, but Lelouch does dorky things like ride horses in the OP and such.)
~Fashion (Come on, you know you love his ridiculous cape)
~Fanservice (ungggggggg shirtless Lelouch)

Light > Lelouch in...

~Tennis (because Lelouch is a skinny white boy who hardly exercises)
~NOT being a sympathetic human being
~Having No Friends
~Misogynism (-------_____-------)
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I always get on here all prepared to make a giant emo post about how much I hate myself for running away from these scholarship applications and basically being too lazy or self-sabotaging or something to actually do things that I know need to get done.

And then I get on here and see a post from somebody else's life that is sad and real and makes my issues look trivial in return, and I just end up feeling like the whiniest, laziest sack of shit on the planet.

Screw it.  I'm going to post this dorky meme and go watch some Naruto filler or something while I wonder what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

Everyone has a character they feel connected to, whether it be in a book, movie, show or video game. But how do others perceive you? Have your f-list tell you a character they see you as, and maybe even explain why.
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I have about forty thousand things to do for school in the next four days (break?  what break?) and I'm afraid of going to college and I'm afraid of not going to college and I can't even think properly anymore and everything is awful all the time and they had better not take LJ away from me.

*f**king cries*
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Two full days left of this.

I honestly have never looked better in winter. I always gain huge amounts of weight around this time of year, due to school stress (which unfailingly ramps up as teachers begin to assign big projects for no discernible reason), seasonal depression, lack of exercise particularly since I quit basketball a couple of years ago, and the overabundance of FOOOOOOOOOD.

But this is something I chose to do, my jeans fit most lovely on me today, and I feel great about myself right now.  :D

In Christmas news, I have a small request to make of the marvelous [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja :

Do you remember this post?  You posted a Naruto fanmix, and the songs you picked all looked really intriguing and cool as I went through your music archives looting plundering stealing making use of the lovely links you left.  Unfortunately, all the links in that post are dead, and I was...wondering... if you could get them to me?  *pleading face* 

Term paper is now due after break.  I would enjoy this a lot more if it weren't because my teacher's very elderly mother is in bad shape, and the reason it kept getting put off was because he kept leaving to take care of her, and now she has apparently taken a turn for the worse.  D:  I feel awful for being so glad for my own skin, when I should have had it done by now in the first place.


Mike (homecoming date, just-friends Mike) bought me an Urahara hat for Christmas!!!  :DDD  I wore it all day, because like magic, it was "Pay a Dollar to Wear a Hat in School Day" (MOSH fundraiser), so eeeeeeee it looked so cool.  And [livejournal.com profile] chocomarauder got me a lovely purple scarf with tinsel threads woven into it.  *snuggles*  I love it.
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I need a tissue.


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