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Apr. 2nd, 2011 11:24 pm
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I have been speed-watching all the Star Driver that I have neglected to watch, because the SERIES FINALE is tomorrow and I am way behind! I've gotten up to Episode 21, and unfortunately I have to stop because I have to get up super super early tomorrow (urge to murder Bio prof: rising). I am now caught up to Episode 21, meaning I have three left to watch before 25, which I will probably try to watch tomorrow.

spoilers below cut )

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Okay, so at least Star Driver has some dignity as an anime. Yeah, sure, it's a Magical Girl anime disguised as a mecha anime where the mechas are run by the users' sex drives and the main character saves his rival from predatory lolis with the power of his intense gayness, but you can actually read shit into it and stuff. There is at least the pretense of some sort of faint dignity buried underneath the sparkles and rainbows.

Which, of course, apparently Cannot Happen to me.

Which appears to be why I have suddenly become a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Not the original series, mind (not that I'm not a casual fan anyway). That would be too dignified. I mean GX.

explained by several Plurk excerpts which are unfortunately difficult to read )

And then I just said "hell with it" and began planning out how long it would take me to watch the entire series.

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I don't think I've ever tried to do this kind of thing before, so no time like the present. I want your TWEWY recs, flist! Rec me authors, individual fics, fanartists, whoever! I AM BURNING UP WITH INTENSITY IN THIS FANDOM RIGHT NOW. I'm probably going to end up writing all kinds of shit in this fandom, I can already tell. Not since Naruto has a fandom actually compelled me to descend into the Pit to sift for gold down there. IT'S SERIOUS.

In exchange, here are some fics I found myself:

Chapters, by Azalee: ooohhhh my god, this fic. Okay. I am a sucker for "video game novelization" fanfictions, especially when they're really good and they incorporate elements of gameplay mechanics into the real world without seeming clunky or obvious. But I found this in the TV Tropes fic recs section (yeah, I know, right) and I was like, "yeah, okay" when I read the summary.

Basically, this fic is not a novelization of the game itself, but of the post-game. This fic details Neku's feelings upon discovering the "Chapters" app in his phone and being forced to relive his previous Games. And if you are rolling your eyes, going "cool Peggy Sue, bro," that's exactly what I did.

BUT NO. IT'S AMAZING. IT IS MAGICAL. IT IS. SO. INCREDIBLE. The prose is gorgeous; my suspension of disbelief was maintained despite me going in with a severe case of e____e; and most importantly, Neku is just absolutely heartbreaking. I was in tears at several points: most notably at the end of Shiki's Week, day 2 (you know the one ;m;). His interactions with everyone, especially Shiki and Joshua, are HEARTWRENCHING, because he can't do anything different from the way it happened, so all the emotional tension effectively arises from Neku's internal monologue as he sees himself the way he used to be. Ugh, god, I told myself I wouldn't write walls of effusive praise about this fic and I did. Dang it.

Best Seller, by Umi no Kanshisha: It's just silly crack, nothing heavy. The author's got a lot of one-shots ranging from cute to dramatic, they're nice for a quick pick-me-up. I sound like I'm recommending diners, jeez.

Other than some miscellaneous okayish oneshots, I don't have anything else to offer. THAT'S WHERE YOU GUYS COME IN. REC ME SHIT. REC ME ALL THE THINGS.

EDIT: Also, this fic by [ profile] kay_willow is, of course, absofantasmarvelazing, as are all her magnificent works. Focuses on possible Joshua backstory, and it's so good I might have to import it directly into my headcanon.

Also also, apparently Tycho of Penny Arcade fame really loved this game back in '08:

"I really feel as though The World Ends With You has bored out my consciousness, widened it, that I might have room to store the concepts it presents. It's made me a kind of host organism for its glory, and in the proud tradition of host organisms I'm here to pass on my writhing payload." lmao I love this guy's absurd prose. /wipes away a single tear of joy. He adds, "There isn't time here to talk about the game's bizarre yet deeply groovy approach to two screen combat, or its sparkling, gloom-banishing soundtrack, or its omnipresent supernatural art. it's a game you can attempt to contain linguistically, but in the end you just sort of gesture toward the closest games retailer. I don't mean to be such a discount swami, but the game itself argues a very strong case." YES.
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Seriously, this quiet room in the library is so conducive to me actually doing work. (Well, I mean, obviously now I'm not, but I just wrote up a moderately decent resume and I'm taking a little break to give me some time to think).

I felt miserable this morning because I woke up late, but then I texted my friend and she came and sat with me at breakfast, and then I felt a whole ton better. I think this proves I really need to interact with my RL friends more - the second we got too busy to see each other as much, I felt sad and lonely. And then it only took about twenty minutes talking with her to perk me up again. Moral of the story: FRIENDSHIP. And also bright, spacious, quiet rooms. Instead of dark, cramped, quiet-except-for-slamming-doors-and-people-having-sex-across-the-hall rooms.

Code Geass derpery and spoilers )

Back to writing my letter of application -_-
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Okay. I was supposed to be writing a paper tonight, but ended up finishing the GSC arc of Pokemon Special. (Doing the paper over break now, I guess. :/ I knew this would happen.)

Basically, this manga is everything that any manga should ever be in terms of awesomeness and plot twists and cuteness and GENDER DYNAMICS and SHIPPING and HDKJSHDSJKFSHJAKF HOLY GOD WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE--

Large crappy-quality manga scans and capslocky flailing under cut. )

This manga is intended for consumption by young kids. Probably primarily boys, who were the original demographic.

You can't tell me that you can't put great gender dynamics and plot twists that make sense into manga aimed at young boys. You can't. I can't believe you anymore. Not after this. This is a demographic aimed a few years younger than Shounen Jump, the formative years.

If Pokemon can do it, you can do it.

Your move, Jump artists.
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It's not wangst! I swear! I have plenty of time to do it! I'd just kind of wanted to be farther along today than I ended up being.

In real news, I have become utterly addicted to Pokemon Special, and I'd like to share a picspam of fail with you! 8D


More picspams as I get farther into the manga! I HOPE LANCE SHOWS UP AGAIN AT SOME POINT ;_;
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Naruto 437.


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Name a character from any of my fandoms, and I'll tell you every pairing I've ever written them in, read them in, or even just thought about.

Ganked from bellzooks.

I love crack pairings a lot, so don't be surprised with some of the things I come up with.  (Someone ask me about Madara, please.  Or don't, if you prefer your sanity intact.) done and done
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....Why have I never discovered wrestling before?

Short story short, I promised [ profile] abrof  and [ profile] chocomarauder  I'd come to one of their wrestling matches one of these days, this became the day, and I think I lost my voice from screaming.  I was so pumped!  Watching wrestling is awesome!  (I kind of ended up mostly watching the guys' rear ends, but let's not throw stones at the newbie, shall we?  *sweat*)  I kind of want to, like, break stuff or something, I'm so jacked up right now.

Or I would be, except my little sister's out getting X-rays of her elbows.  They might be fractured; she fell on them really hard at her basketball game, and she's in a lot of pain.  DDDDDD:  Keep her in your thoughts/prayers/Satanic rituals tonight, plz?  (Maybe not so much the last one.)

Haven't been posting much due to chronic laziness, addiction to RP, etc.  Actually, I've been meaning to dork out about RP for a while, so here:tl;dr I spend too much of my life RPing, don't look at me )
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[profile] capslocky_joy

This is my new writing/fandom journal.  I'm going to be cross-posting my one-shots there, as well as various other things I'll be writing (as I have a Creative Writing class this year and such).

But I will also be moving most of my fangirling to that journal.  Realizing that I'm really spamming my f-list with short, spazzy posts about fandoms that are really targeted at three or four people on my entire f-list, I've decided to confine this journal to mostly real-life and limited fandom.  All lengthy pseudo-psychological character analyses will take place over there now; all two-three-line posts about the latest chapter of Bleach or Naruto or ww/e will take place over there now; in short, unless it relates to my real life or current mental state within real life, I will not be fangirling about anything regularly at this journal.

If you like my fan spazziness, are one of the few who actively discuss Naruto/Bleach/Avatar/et cetera with me, or wish to see my writing, both fanfiction and original, please go and friend me over there so we can continue doing that.  If not, thanks, and I assure you I won't be wasting your time here anymore.



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