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Man, I have been neglecting this journal. HI GUYS REMEMBER ME?

In addition to constantly being on Plurk, I now have a new timesink to in which to flush the remaining days of my waning youth: I now have a Tumblr, which I mostly made to more efficiently follow the roughly 20 Yu-Gi-Oh! tumblrs that I've been checking manually every day.

So yeah, I've given up pretending that it's a phase, and openly admitted that YGO's my new fandom. Probably be spamming it for a long time, I guess. I don't know how these things happen. :V


In RL: bleeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrgh my life is so boringly boring. Almost got an internship but not quite (don't feel like rehashing the story), so now my summer will probably consist of working at a summer camp and trying to write more original fiction and begin amassing a portfolio. Anything but Offset again.

Finals in one week and then I get to do the summer thing \o/
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So, back at school now. Trying to obtain some of my older course books for free on the internet (i.e. Communist Manifesto, Nietzsche, etc) so I don't have to pay too much. Ahahah, that's a pipe dream, isn't it? anyway.

I don't really think I've been doing things interesting enough to warrant LJing about them (the most interesting things are also things I don't really want on the Internet in public places, if you follow me). Mostly whining IRL about going back to Offset for two weeks - I needed the money, but not the emotional painnnnnnn. Happy to be back with my friends, less happy to be back with Taylor Swift (aka third suitemate, if you were following my drama back in October and November).

RPing like a mad thing. I keep apping new characters. I may grow to hate myself - lol oh wait. No, seriously, RP is the only thing that keeps me sane nowadays.

Mostly, I've just been hiding my face from the looming specter of ADULTHOOOOOD. I have many important things to do this semester which will help pave the way for my future etc. etc. etc. Also I have to find an internship for the summer or I will kill myself. Also also I'm going to Japan in September holy shit I don't think I am ready aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. SO yeah. Much emoing.

Oh, and my roommate got me volume 53 of Naruto in the original Japanese for Christmas. *___* it's the one with BABY SASUKE AND CHIBITACHI AAAAAAH.
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I just finished Turn Coat, so one more book and I'll be caught up on all the full-length novels. (Anyone know where I might be able to acquire/read the short stories online?)

Ramblings and spoilers! )
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I think I'll just make a random babbly post again! YAAAAAAAAY

I woke up too late this morning to eat breakfast before my CORE Japan class, which is supposed to be about culture and stuff but is actually an econ course in disguise THANKS PROFESSOR KATO >O all the other CORE Japan classes are reading The Tale of Genji and talking about bushido and the Heian period while I am looking at charts s-sob TT__TT So I ate an orange after class let out, which was around 9:45, but it was a little green and now my tummy hurts for some reason. :C YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD BE MUCH MORE EMO ABOUT TODAY, BUT I'VE BEEN SURPRISINGLY MELLOW ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Which is funny, considering all the entries around both my senior and junior years of high school at this time are full of WANGST and EMUUUUU and general fail whining. Perhaps my vow about a month ago to not let anything Masashi Kishimoto does bother me anymore has broadened and expanded to all walks of life? I HAVE ACHIEVED ZEN THROUGH CRAPPY MANGA 8D and capslock, too.

Polanskigate is full of fail, but other people have expressed their rage far better than I ever could. My problem is, I can at times be extremely eloquent, and at other times be extremely angry, but I can rarely be extremely eloquent while I'm angry. D| So either I look like some cold dispassionate person who doesn't really care, or a SPITTING FOAMING BALL OF RAAAAABIES. I can't win. I also feel kind of awkward and bad because this whole stupid story came out a day after I started writing that huge M-rated fic mentioned in an earlier post, and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable writing it because like I don't know, it's just weird to be really angry about Polanski and then write something involving dark themes that are similar and I feel kind of bad about it. But at the same time, I haven't written this much this fast since...um, a long time. WHY DO I FAIL AT BEING A NORMAL HUMAN BEEEEING SOB *forks self in head* fine, I'm going to hell, whatever.

I wanna get a DS and play 358/2 Daysssss~~ Kingdom Hearts, I miss you. ;_; (Is there a Riku portion of the game? Is there? Please? *WANTS*)

It's so cold here nowadays. D| It also has rained on/off nonstop for FIVE DAYS. graaaaah upstate New York D| D| D|

/fails to conclude post in a snappy, concise manner


Sep. 4th, 2009 11:55 pm
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I wish people would quit puking in my hall.

Especially the people that come over from the substance-free dorm to party here and then vomit on everything and leave. This is the third time.

*completely over this*
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ganked from [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja :

Rant meme: Give me some suggestions, and we'll see what sticks. It's like a drabble meme, only with rage.
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Okay, so I don't really watch iCarly on a regular basis.  But I do tend to enjoy it when I see it.

They premiered a new one-hour special just now, entitled "iDate a Bad Boy."  And I enjoyed it...until the primary conflict surfaced, namely that Carly's newfound "bad boy" (who wasn't even all that bad) collected "Pee-Wee Plushies" (or something equivalent to Beanie Babies).

And that was a BAD THING.

None of his characterization changed, just he was suddenly undesirable because he did something that was UnManly.  He was still as hot (the main thing that made him desirable in the first place), still as artistic, his dialogue was still as amusing...but Carly could no longer stand him because he collected cute things.  She even bought him a power drill, and reacted with disgust when he said he'd use it to make display shelves for his collection of cute things.  This was played for laughs.  And when he confronted her after overhearing her make fun of him behind his back, and asked her to give him a straight answer about breaking up, she zoned out imagining his cuddle buddies (or whatever they were) talking around his head.  He had to say, "You know what, this isn't working," and walk out, because it was obvious she wasn't respecting him.  He looked upset.  And it was presented as the desirable end to the conflict.  She didn't even care.

I, I don't know why I care so much, but that made me so very upset.  Carly's usually a good, sympathetic character.  I don't even know why they would present such an awful message like this.

Just perpetuate the double standard, Nickelodeon.  Go right ahead.

(P.S. SPENCER WAS ALSO AMAZINGLY AWESOME.  I only wish some of his best scenes ever weren't wasted on this upsetting special.)
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Upon purchasing Volumes 34-41 of the newly speed-released Naruto manga here in good old Eagleland, I was beautifully excited.

But that changed.  Because of censorship.


I was going to separate a section of this post out for lulzy, faily, and confusing translations, but I think I'll make a separate post, since this one is already really full of violent anger.
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I want to write and can't focus.

I want to RP and no one's on.

I should probably do some constructive things, but just don't have the energy.

This is the mixed blessing of a snow day.
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No school today for staff meetings and grading for the first semester.  I'm currently writing my Final Exam Essay for AP World History, the only class I drop when the semester changes over.  Then I have to slam together some assigned reading and focal points for my seminar on Christopher Paolini's fail for AP English (which will be taking place next Tuesday), and then I have to write an article for Journalism and a short story excerpt for Creative Writing.  And finish a take-home test for AP Calculus by Friday.

I'm in a surprisingly postive mood in general, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with it.  Sometimes I wonder if all AP/Honors-type teachers in senior year get together and plan this.

Also, I have to do scholarship apps.


(On the bright side, I may be in the running for a full ride to that college I was accepted at with a half-ride (think I mentioned that back in December).  :DDDDDDDDD  It still isn't my first choice, but having a viable option would do wonders for my stress level)

*decides to use funny icon to amuse self*

EDIT: Trying out new layout.  For no reason, I made all the text Fight Club-themed.
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I was happy for, like, three whole hours today.  Holy crap.

The reason is that softball open gyms have started, and this sport is basically my entire spring life.  I am so happy that we've started up again.  Endorphins, exercise, the whole thing.  I was so positive, I vowed to start caring about college apps.

Than I found out that my 'Nova app wasn't completed because I had thought that the Common App sent scores automatically.  WHich it says it should.  It didn't.  Now my transcripts are going to be late because I have to request them from Guidance tomorrow.

I am almost seriously considering just not going to college.

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I have about forty thousand things to do for school in the next four days (break?  what break?) and I'm afraid of going to college and I'm afraid of not going to college and I can't even think properly anymore and everything is awful all the time and they had better not take LJ away from me.

*f**king cries*
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Still.  Sick.  It isn't like normal sick--it's just this incessant pain in my stomach and abdomen that doesn't go away unless I lie down and lay very very still.  And I get slightly light headed and feel twice as bad right after I eat..  When I eat.

I have eaten very little today.  If there is one good thing to be said, it is that my diet is going well.

I didn't finish that rough draft last night, but I managed to squeak by in class without needing it, thanks to a 2-hour delay and some distractions.  Better luck tonight, hopefully.

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In good news, I have eaten probably fewer than 1000 calories today.

In bad news, I feel like crap and I'm sick.  Suffice to say, it's an eight-letter word beginning with "d" and ending with shits.

In worse news, I have a term paper to write tonight after my English teacher whom I once loved totally copped out on helping everyone with their outlines and such and I have no idea where to begin and I have learned nothing.

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My mother.

After I go and get that Facebook she SO DESPERATELY wanted me to get, she has now invoked Parental Clause Epsilon, which apparently states, "If your  child belongs to any social networking site, no matter if it's safe or not, no matter if YOU MADE THEM DO IT or not, that AUTOMATICALLY CONFERS UPON YOU THE RIGHT TO GO THROUGH THEIR GODDAMN EMAIL AND WATCH EVERYTHING ANYONE EVER WRITES ON THEIR WALL OR WHATEVER.  AND THE RIGHT TO MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT HER FRIENDS."

My anger has left me speechless, otherwise I'd be voiceposting so you can hear my seething rage.

Also, apparently it is a BAD THING to have internet friends.  Because every single person on the interwebz is a CREEPER.  YES, THEY FAKED ALL THEIR SPEECH PATTERNS AND OTHER RL/INTERNET FRIENDS AND THOSE PHOTOS OF THEM AT CONS.  THEY ARE ALL CREEPERS.  YOU STUPID CHILD.

[/inarticulate ire]

EDIT: Also, Happy Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for this livejournal and all my wonderful creeper Internet friends.  You guys pick me up when I'm down, and make me glad to have the interwebz.  ILU all. <3

I caved.

Nov. 26th, 2008 04:07 pm
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I went and got a Facebook.  Mostly for colleging and stuff.

So, if you want me to add you, ping me.  (Bella, I think it took my Yahoo!Mail and added you, so that crazy girl with no avatar as of yet who added you?  That's me.  Oh god, you know my name. (:P))
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List of things that are Making Me Happy:

--Midnight showing of Twilight movie next week, and possibly sleeping over at a friend's house.  ON A SCHOOL NIGHT, REBELREBEL~

--Bleach chapter this week.  I CALLED IT, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

--I gave blood today for the first time!  It turned me into a Hungry Ravening She-Beast, but also made me feel very good about myself.  btw, 12 minutes to fill the bag, who has a better time?

--Creative Writing



List of things that are Stressing Me Out:

--Essay due Monday for AP English

--Story due late next week for Creative Writing

--Persuasive Speech due Monday for speech class (OH HAHAH I JUST REMEMBERED I ALSO NEED VISUAL AIDS, OHGODOHGOD)

--Parents cracking down on no interwebz in room, keeping anime from keeping me happy


--College apps.  I just sent mine off to Colgate, my dream school.  If I'm rejected, ohshit.  If I'm accepted, it's one of the most expensive private colleges in the Northeast, translation: OHSHIT.

--By extension, scholarship apps, aka moar spiritual self-prostitution.

--My school, which has been in the national fracking news for a giant scandal involving cell phones OH HAHA NOW YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE.  (SKANKSVILLE, THAT IS) Also, everyone is being a giant collective asshead about it, making everybody else's lives hard, everyone else being me.


--Trying not to eat out my stress and gain weight back, plzplzplz self.

Ratio, happiness to stress: 3 to 5. 

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I WIN!!!!!!!

-----emo part of post:
but does anyone notice, but does anyone care, and if I had the guts... )


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