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Okay, so at least Star Driver has some dignity as an anime. Yeah, sure, it's a Magical Girl anime disguised as a mecha anime where the mechas are run by the users' sex drives and the main character saves his rival from predatory lolis with the power of his intense gayness, but you can actually read shit into it and stuff. There is at least the pretense of some sort of faint dignity buried underneath the sparkles and rainbows.

Which, of course, apparently Cannot Happen to me.

Which appears to be why I have suddenly become a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Not the original series, mind (not that I'm not a casual fan anyway). That would be too dignified. I mean GX.

explained by several Plurk excerpts which are unfortunately difficult to read )

And then I just said "hell with it" and began planning out how long it would take me to watch the entire series.

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I went looking through ancient memes and found this entry back from when that "dungeon LJ game" was going around. I was bored and played some for lulz.

This happened:

"You find yourself in a gloomy fissure. You hear the sound of lelouch/dramahoring in the distance."

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It's not wangst! I swear! I have plenty of time to do it! I'd just kind of wanted to be farther along today than I ended up being.

In real news, I have become utterly addicted to Pokemon Special, and I'd like to share a picspam of fail with you! 8D


More picspams as I get farther into the manga! I HOPE LANCE SHOWS UP AGAIN AT SOME POINT ;_;
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I think I'll just make a random babbly post again! YAAAAAAAAY

I woke up too late this morning to eat breakfast before my CORE Japan class, which is supposed to be about culture and stuff but is actually an econ course in disguise THANKS PROFESSOR KATO >O all the other CORE Japan classes are reading The Tale of Genji and talking about bushido and the Heian period while I am looking at charts s-sob TT__TT So I ate an orange after class let out, which was around 9:45, but it was a little green and now my tummy hurts for some reason. :C YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD BE MUCH MORE EMO ABOUT TODAY, BUT I'VE BEEN SURPRISINGLY MELLOW ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Which is funny, considering all the entries around both my senior and junior years of high school at this time are full of WANGST and EMUUUUU and general fail whining. Perhaps my vow about a month ago to not let anything Masashi Kishimoto does bother me anymore has broadened and expanded to all walks of life? I HAVE ACHIEVED ZEN THROUGH CRAPPY MANGA 8D and capslock, too.

Polanskigate is full of fail, but other people have expressed their rage far better than I ever could. My problem is, I can at times be extremely eloquent, and at other times be extremely angry, but I can rarely be extremely eloquent while I'm angry. D| So either I look like some cold dispassionate person who doesn't really care, or a SPITTING FOAMING BALL OF RAAAAABIES. I can't win. I also feel kind of awkward and bad because this whole stupid story came out a day after I started writing that huge M-rated fic mentioned in an earlier post, and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable writing it because like I don't know, it's just weird to be really angry about Polanski and then write something involving dark themes that are similar and I feel kind of bad about it. But at the same time, I haven't written this much this fast since...um, a long time. WHY DO I FAIL AT BEING A NORMAL HUMAN BEEEEING SOB *forks self in head* fine, I'm going to hell, whatever.

I wanna get a DS and play 358/2 Daysssss~~ Kingdom Hearts, I miss you. ;_; (Is there a Riku portion of the game? Is there? Please? *WANTS*)

It's so cold here nowadays. D| It also has rained on/off nonstop for FIVE DAYS. graaaaah upstate New York D| D| D|

/fails to conclude post in a snappy, concise manner
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Urgg, I hate when I stay up too late one night, feel fine the next day, then get eight hours of sleep that night and spend the next day feeling tired and sluggish. Especially when I had plenty of opportunity to nap during the previous day, but have no such opportunities on the day that I actually get tired. >_< and I know it's my body catching up on REM, so no one has to explain it to me, I'm just commenting that I hate it.

I joined the Anime Club here! (in addition to 247 other organizations on campus that I will probably not be able to attend all the time) Our first meeting is Friday. I'm really excited.


There is a sliding scale of nostalgia in effect here. )

The tragic irony is that I just half-slept through my morning CORE Japan class and econ-realted lecture, and came to the library and wasted all that brainpower dissecting Naruto 464. PRIORITIES: I HAS THEM.
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So I'm supposed to be writing several Creative Writing stories that I am way behind on, in addition to doing that term paper that is due A WEEK FROM TOMORROW, but I was instead thinking about frivolous things. So I felt like sharing.

Ill-organized thinkythoughts on the Sannin and Sasuke )
I love it when people's words are thrown right back in their faces in that way.  Love it.  It's a trope that I adore.

Tangent on tropes, Disney movies, and pseudo-father/son relationships )

And....wow.  Okay.  Nothing...much more to talk about here.  I'm...going to go do some work or something.  *sidles out*
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Yes, this is a post entirely about my dorkery for the week.

I started replaying Pokemon Silver.  I....don't know how this happened.  I just woke up, went to pitching with my sadistic pitching coach lady (who is very sadistic), came home, and suddenly scrounged up my GBA and my copy of Pokemon Silver, and started playing.  I really just don't know what's wrong with me.  I had rehabbed myself and everything.  Already, I want to be playing right now.

Also, I started reading Animorphs about five or six months ago.  Can I just say that these are the greatest books in the history of ever?  They are everything I have ever wanted:

--Six amazing, well-developed, awesome characters that make me fangirl over all of them
--Equal narrative time with each of them (each book is written in first-person POV from one of the six)
--Body-snatching aliens that are taking over the world
--A parental reveal that was actually surprising and touching, for all that it could have been such a cliche
--Mature themes of war and morality in books written for fifth graders
--They're long enough to satisfy, and short enough to be compulsively readable, like candy.

Somebody dork with me, pleeeeeeeeease?  I HAVE ONLY READ UP TO NUMBER 28, PLZ TO NOT BE SPOILING PAST THAT, KTHXBAI
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Here's my response to that interview meme:

from [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja :

1.) If Itachi wasn't your favorite character (and all other Uchiha are ineligable) who would your favorite character in Naruto be and why?

You are so cruel.  Well, that strikes out Itachi, Sasuke, and Madara, my top three, leaving me with... Uh........ oh, man, they're all so awesome...

A tie between Team Hawk and Sai.  Excluding Sasuke, I have to count the entirety of Team Hawk as one character because they are literally all exactly the same for me in terms of awesomeness and I can't choose who is more awesome or the world would explode.

Karin-- Is totally up to something.  I didn't feel like posting when I figured it out, but her whole 'fangirlism' shtick is really an act, and she has some sinister plan up her sleeve that somehow hinges on her being alone with Sasuke for more than three minutes.  And her glasses make her a megane!  IT ALL MAKES SENSE.  Plus her snarkiness and total UST with Suigetsu is win. (BTW, Red, remember when you said you thought she experimented on him and I said I couldn't find the panel?  I saw it on my reread via the American manga.  It's true.)

Suigetsu--MAKES EXCUSES TO GET NAKED.  COME ON.  And he just has those adorable sharky teef, awww~  And he can turn into water~  And he's the most violent/trigger-happy of the team, seems like the person most likely to betray them when it became in his best interests, and then does something silly like GET NEKKID ATTEMPT TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF TO HOLD OFF THE HACHIBI AND LET THEM ALL GET AWAY SAFELY, AKSALDJSAKLDJASKLDJAKLDJAKLD   I LOVE YOU, SUIGETSU, NEVER CHANGE~  Plus his snarkiness and total UST with Karin is win.

Juugo--IS A GIANT FREAKING TREE-HUGGING WOOBIE IN THE BODY OF A CRAZY BERSERKER, SERIOUSLY.  His dynamic with Sasuke is, frankly, fascinating, and he talks to birds~  I have a personal fanon that all Disney movies were banned from Hidden Sound because Juugo watched Bambi and flipped a shit when the hunters shot Bambi's mom.  And he's hot~ and tall~  and nommable~  AND MINI-JUUGO IS EVEN CUTER CUZ HE'S ALL SMALL AND HE ALSO HELPED SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR SASUKE, BAWWWWWWW~~~  Seriously, Sasuke, these are good people.  You betray them, and I will come eff your shit up.  (But I don't think he will.)

And then,

Sai--SAI IS THE BEST CHARACTER IN THIS MANGA.  NO QUESTION.  He's hot, he's a good ninja, and he has the best Heel Face Turn in the history of not-Itachi characters.  And he is totally hot for Sakura and she totally reciprocates~  And he is just a giant woobie on the inside.  Also, his obsession with a certain word is great lulz.  Ditto his complete ignorance of social norms. :D

2.) What did you eat for dinner?

Pizza and wings.  Mmmm...

3.) Have you ever gotten your hair cut style from a character?

Sadly, no.

4.) Which is better, Naruto or Bleach and why?

Naruto.  It has more plot, treats its female characters better (IN MY OPINION, AND NO, I'VE BEEN IN A GAZILLION THREADS DEBATING THIS POINT, AND I DON'T WANT A THOUSAND COMMENTS ON THIS.  MY POST.), and generally sticks to its themes much better.  Now, if this were early Naruto versus early Bleach, I would have said Bleach, because early Bleach was the SHIT, and I like Kubo's art better than Kishimoto's any day of the week.  But I value plot and character development over pretty. 

5.) Why is your first choice college your first choice? (And on that subject, ROCK ON! *throws confetti)

Colgate?  Because its campus is askaldjskal gorgeous and it has a fixation with the number 13, which is completely my number, and they have cute traditions and it's a small college but also second-tier Ivy League and it has a phenomenal Japanese program and a superawesome study abroad program and just.... When I visited the campus in the fall, it was like a giant brick of "THIS IS YOUR DESTINY" fell and hit me in the face.

Ana, I'll do yours later when I find the alert.  Never fear.

RP meme! :D

Mar. 1st, 2009 10:19 pm
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Give me a character I play and I will give you a few facts about them according to my own personal canon. This can range from their birthday, favorite color or even their earliest memory up to what they had last night for dinner.

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] bellzooks ~

Squarewarts: Uchiha Sasuke
The Dollsyhouse: Uchiha Itachi

Wow, self.  Way to branch out there.  *fails even at RP geekery*


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